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IoT innovations driving corporate and environmental sustenance

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 25, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Industries are known for founding global prosperity. But, the current scenario is a contrasting one. While engineers surge ahead inventing and presenting the world with impactful tech-driven solutions, it is also important to realize that we are losing out on environmental stability. Engineers are now focusing on materializing the idea of making this world a sustainable one, along with making it smarter with potential tech inventions. The internet of things technological revolution has accelerated business excellence by presenting a gamut of utility innovations, which empower the business enterprises to a vast extent. Here are a few of them.    

• Smart waste management techniques

'Connected trash cans' is an IoT-based waste management application, which works on the idea of connectivity. To establish equilibrium between the natural ecosystem and the industrial impact on the same, connected trash cans notifies the waste management companies to collect scrap on the streets instantly. 

• Clever meter systems

With the help of real-time reporting algorithms, smart meters collect information on energy consumptions and notify the users and allow them to strategize energy utilization. This system helps the users gain insights into the amount of energy used and measures to reduce wastage of natural resources. Smart meters minimize the total carbon emission. Utility companies seem to be significant beneficiaries of this use case.      

• Self-regulating watering mechanisms

Smart irrigators have transformed global agricultural practices. IoT-driven water utility applications are capable of analyzing the soil saturation parameters to make sure that the field is not overwatered. Also, the system automatically waters the cropland and reports to the user. The use of water sensors regulates the soil moisture levels. 

Achieving corporate sustainability is made significantly easy with the recent IoT boom. Industrial and environmental stability have been critically challenging, and with IoT-based use cases, businesses can succeed undeniably.