IoT Lessons From Logistics Industry to learn From
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IoT Lessons From Logistics Industry to learn From

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Almost, every industry sector can extract pointers from the success that logistics companies have achieved with IoT and analytics. The five fundamental business lessons to be imbibed from logistics are:

It is a Customers’ Market

Major players in the transportation industry have felt the extra pressure during the holiday season to complete more deliveries as consumers prefer to order online. The e-commerce consumers also expect immediate delivery, which transporters can only achieve with the help of mobile technology such as GPS tracking.

Huge Scope for Self-Service

Large businesses must consider the provision of self-service options, as 73 percent of customers favor the new shipping methods.  Using IoT to track goods during transport coupled with IoT sensors’ capacity to dynamically monitor the condition of perishables increases not only efficiency but also reliability. These technologies become indispensable and deliver quality service, which is at present expected by consumers.

The New Normal is End-to-End Transparency

The universal visibility of business events as they occur should be made known to everyone on a need-to-know basis. The single source of data accessible to everyone will save a driver whose vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere at night, with a dispatch from headquarters in case of data integration. Sensors can detect environmental irregularities, and the dispatcher can re-route goods to the nearest market. All this could occur only with the implementation of sensor analytics.

New Safety and Compliance Requirements are Beneficial

Safety and compliance requirements can be improved and benefitted from by being upgraded continuously to fulfill the new regulations. Certain factors, like the ability to monitor fuel consumption, driver behavior, distance traveled on the road, and truck locations proved to be beneficial.

IoT and Analytics can Work with Legacy Systems

There are many standard APIs that allow incongruent systems to work as a unit, enabling the companies to move forward simultaneously while deriving business benefits from their legacy systems.

Every industry has a set of goals, which can be fulfilled by adopting IoT technology. In the transportation industry, an early adopter of the IoT, it is proved that it IoT not only solves the existing cases but also generates new use cases as companies further understand the technology. 

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