IoT Platform Gets Another Layer of Protection with ARM's TrustZone Technology

By CIOReview | Friday, November 13, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: With the advent of the emergent IoT technology and everything device in use being networked together, the necessity for increased security can be easily comprehended. ARM, in the microprocessor design firm addresses this issue with the announcement of its new line of microcontrollers; to help secure the IoT connected devices.

TrustZone, the technology implemented in their Smartphone processors are being introduced in these chipswhich will make it harder for hackers to break into IoT networks. TrustZone is primarily a hardware isolation technology carves out a separate area on the chip where the trusted code can be executed. This code is smaller than an OS such as Android, which runs elsewhere on the chip to make it easier to audit for flaws and also provide a smaller attack surface for hackers.

So far, it has been incorporated in all of ARM’s Cortex-A class processors. Future plans include its integration in the Cortex-M chips in the form of new ARMv8M architecture. This technology has also been leveraged by Netflix to prevent people from playing videos on unapproved devices. Other applications include added level of security for things like fitness trackers and smart meters at home. A part of ARM technology called CryptoCell, is being leverged to speed-up data encryption on its chips.

"You'll probably see it in devices in 2017, though it could be before that," said Nandan Nayampally, Vice President of Marketing for ARM's CPU division when asked about its availability in the market.