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IoT Seamlessly Integrates Supply Chains

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Smart homes and Internet of Things (IoT) are buzzwords that have been making rounds for quite a while now. It is nearly impossible not to come across them in tech-related conversations. But how smart are our home appliances right now? The latest LG InstaView refrigerator comes integrated with Alexa, Amazon’s AI assistant. This fridge allows users to view what is inside without opening the door, use smart tags to mark expiry dates and the best part, Alexa can now remotely order groceries through Amazon Prime. Amazon is poised to integrate their Amazon Go technology into these refrigerators, ushering in an era where fridges can recognize consumption patterns using deep learning algorithms and order groceries as soon as they are depleted.

Grocery shopping is not the only thing IoT is making more efficient. Each day technology is strengthening the backbone of every industry; the supply chain. Supply Chain Management is what can make or break any business; efficient management of the supply chain leads to profits while failing to do so can destroy a business.

Today most shipments are tagged with RFID sensors that provide real-time information regarding location, content, temperature, and physical condition of the containers. With this level of information and monitoring capabilities errors in the supply chain process is greatly reduced. Sensors also allow organizations to maintain smart warehouses, an efficient way to maintain inventory, and reduce the time required to access it. Connected vehicles, a manifestation of IoT in the automobile industry, have facilitated efficient fleet management.    

BlackBerry Radar is an end-to-end, IoT-based tracking system for trucks and containers. It provides timely data that helps managers make important decisions. A lot of time is saved in shipyards trying to locate specific containers with this highly effective technology. It is nearly impossible to avoid all discrepancies in the supply chain, yet with the proliferation of internet capable devices, we are closing in on a perfectly synchronized world.

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