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IoT Solutions For Independent Elderly People

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

It is amazing to witness how IoT is bringing change in the life of the elderly people with advanced devices.

FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things has simplified the process of living independently while still staying connected to family for the senior population.

The increasing trend among older people to stay independently has motivated many companies to launch technologies based on Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure their safety.

1. Gaining Independence with Dignity

Using an IoT-based watch will not only guarantee the safety of older people but also make them look smart. The watch is uniquely designed to meet the needs of every senior person. It has an accelerometer that can detect any mishap, and the user can contact an emergency operator with the help of the touch screen interface or voice activation.

The device is waterproof and can also send medication reminders to its users. The watch has GPS, so the chances of losing it are minimal, and if lost, it can be tracked.

2. Continuous Trackers to the Rescue!

The use of fitness trackers have lowered and prevented injuries among the older populace. Such devices have a single button interface that notifies the user’s family or support system when it is pressed.

Fitness trackers can be waterproofed to ensure provide regular updates in rain or shine, no matter what activity is performed—even the number of steps taken can be counted!

3. Preventive Solutions

The night trips made by an older adult become safer with ultra-thin bed sensors. Bed sensors can detect when a person gets out of the bed, and a light illuminates the path of the just-awakened sleeper. In any case, if lights remain on for an extended period, the adult’s caregiver can be notified to check whether there is an emergency.

Another preventive solution that can save an older person from any mishap is insoles. Ready-to-wear shoes with comfortable insoles help to improve the balance and mobility of an older person.

Nowadays, with all these devices, elderly persons have become more digitally connected. It is incredible to see how all these technological solutions have helped them to maintain their Independence.