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IoT: The New Voice of Music Industry

By CIOReview | Friday, July 5, 2019

IoT technology, with its unique accessories, is unlocking several potentials in the music industry. 

FREMONT, CA: Music plays a significant role in our daily dose of entertainment, and has long been invaded with technological development. However, some of the listeners are completely oblivious to these changes even though they are exposed to recent discoveries. A seamless and subtle transition from an organic to a synthetic stage has maintained the authenticity of the music industry.

The synergy between the internet of things (IoT) technology and automated household appliances is well known to us. Still, most of us are left wondering when the application of IoT technology comes while discussing the music industry. In a nutshell, the integration of IoT abbreviates various functional scenarios starting from sharing to receiving vital data.

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Live Concerts

Traditionally, people do not expect any automated features while opting for live performances. However, what if among all the commotions you get separated from your musical confidants? Reaching your cell phone should seem to be the natural solution to this problem, but with loud background music, it becomes severely complex to be audible. However, with the assistance of IoT bracelet will enable the user to locate their friends through real-time directional data.

The data generated from IoT sensors used in concerts can point out specific logistical defects, which further analyzed by system managers can assist them in constructing arenas based on statistical results. Additionally, making relational analogies based on real-time information improves concertgoer’s experience.

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Breezing through the Entrance

Common hurdle related to any live events is the ambitiously long queues and hours-and-hours of waiting time. The integration of IoT-powered wearable tickets enables to simplify the security rush, and a walk across the radio frequency identification (RFID) detectors makes the flow of crowd efficient.

Wearable Devices

With Bluetooth technology improving and the ability to track indoor assets becoming highly accurate, finding your friends in the sea of the crowd through wearable devices has become extremely easy. Many musicians and artists are using IoT syncing bracelets to elevate the experience of the listeners, bridging the gap between the artist and the listeners.  With various unique discoveries, IoT technology continues to make headways in the music industry.