IoT: Transforming the Arena of Facility Management
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IoT: Transforming the Arena of Facility Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 27, 2021

The common concern of enterprises is rising energy waste, pollution and utility costs. Simultaneously, they face high expectations of tenants that impels on facility management firms to optimize their services. Traditional building management systems (BMS) are not equipped to provide facility managers with the data and real-time response needed to make informed decisions and increase staff productivity and operational efficiency.

Facility management (FM) companies can add value and increase profit margins by using IoT solutions to reduce costs, increase value-added services, expand their service scope with new data and can enhance their tenant's experience. The adoption of IoT solutions is a significant step by FM companies in creating digital capabilities to outperform their competitors and also to meet new customer demands.

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The insufficient number of field staff and wage inflation are two significant challenges faced by FM companies. Any innovation that allows remote and more efficient work for field staff improves the productivity of labor. With the introduction of innovative and disruptive IoT solutions, these obstacles can be overcome.

Following are the two simple solutions of IoT which have changed the landscapes of Facility management sector.

Deployment of smart energy meters in buildings

Installation of these types of devices can thoroughly eliminate or reduce site visits by technicians which can efficiently reduce time and money. In order to regulate and optimize energy consumption, valuable data can be easily collected remotely.

Predictive maintenance solutions

Users of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and other FM applications can access real-time information about the condition of each machine through IoT devices to decide when repairs are required by unlocking opportunities for optimization and also it can reduce the capital expenditure budget which can ultimately increase the profit margin.

 It is not always easy to interlink numerous systems within a building, especially as the real value comes when you connect as many devices as possible. Hence, there is a requirement of the right partner that understands communication and data transfer technologies. With IoT enabled services, one can make the efficient use of building resources by minimizing energy consumption and maximizing tenant comfort.

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