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IoT with the cloud: The future is here

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cloud computing is already a well-known information technology paradigm enabling outsourcing of computer programs and providing extensibility in the delivery of enterprise applications. Most companies are switching to cloud computing for their data operations to control the quality of service while ensuring the data security and flexibility.

In the coming years, the Internet of Things is going to be a crucial addition in all aspects of the physical world, including industries and urban spaces. To handle the massive amount of data and to offer services on top of them, the most convincing solution is the interconnection of the IoT and cloud computing. The IoT is an enabler for change, laying an easy road for the cloud to be a part of the system. It enables automation in systems and devices in a cost-effective, intelligent manner, supporting real-time control, and monitoring. Data volume, security, and scalability are the most critical parameters in which cloud and IoT complement each other. Since the IoT suffers from limited capabilities regarding processing power and storage, its integration with cloud computing enables better control over issues related to performance, security, privacy, and reliability.

The amalgamation of IoT and cloud also allows developers to store and access data remotely providing immediate data access to work on projects without any delay. The wide adoption of this promising vision is undoubtedly a step forward in enabling better standards in application areas such as assisted living, pervasive healthcare, and smart cities.

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