IOTAP Launches 'Email to Case Automation' to Manage Customer Issues
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IOTAP Launches 'Email to Case Automation' to Manage Customer Issues

By CIOReview | Friday, September 23, 2016

RESTON, VA: IOTAP, services partner for Microsoft announced the launch of a new add-on for Dynamics CRM called ‘Email to Case Automation’ that enables automatic generation of support cases in CRM from emails.

Email to Case Automation add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows companies that provide email based support to automatically create cases in CRM and route them to the appropriate support representatives. Once you install Email to Case Automation, a case is created in CRM and linked to the relevant customer automatically. It provides auto-response features with new case and support details based on the email template configured. Email to Case Add-on improves productivity by saving manual efforts, and also improves the service experience with quicker response time.  Some of the benefits of Email to Case Automation are:

  • Manage customer issues in an efficient and reliable manner

  • Increase Agent productivity

  • Increase ROI by reducing number of clicks per response

  • Prevent Email spam in your case list

  • Provide better customer service

  • Have improved and consistent support process

 “The add-on for Dynamics CRM is a great way to boost productivity and demonstrate professionalism through an enhanced customer service experience. Email to Case Automation add-on instantly allows Microsoft CRM users to implement email based services or support requests without burdening service representatives with additional data entry.” says Mr. Ismail Nalwala, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, IOTAP.