IoT-Powered Content Marketing
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IoT-Powered Content Marketing

By CIOReview | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: IoT-based devices are increasing at an exponential rate. The technology is getting into various sectors with enhanced user experience. However, content marketing is an area where the possibility of using IoT is often undermined.

Potential of IoT for Content Marketers

With enormous content at the consumers’ disposal, it’s getting difficult to reach the targeted consumer. One of the tested methods is to provide value through personalized content. This requires personalized data as well. Here’s where the role of IoT becomes prominent.

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A smart pillow, for instance, keeps track of the consumer’s sleeping patterns. Such personalized information can be used to create user-specific content. This personalized content provides a significant advantage over competitors. Further, sorting the IoT enabled products according to the users and providing them with product-specific content enhances the credibility of a business. Delivering real-time data is another possibility in case of an emergency or a new update.

Challenges of IoT implementation for Content Marketers

Understanding Data

Data proficiency and analytics play a vital role in the development of marketing strategies. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the data and its indications to channelize the marketing efforts in an efficient way.

Contextual Targeting

This seems to be the most significant challenge that lies ahead for the content marketers. The increased user experience with irrelevant data has affected the consumer’s tolerance level too. Thus the content marketers must aim for context-specific, real-time content that makes sense to their audience.

Incorporating Voice Search

50 percent of consumers are expected to use voice search technology. Content marketing strategy optimized around voice search user behavior is the need of time.  Voice search differs from online search as they are longer and require more questions and phrases. Content creators must also consider search engine optimization (SEO) optimization as a priority.

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Harnessing existing IoT for Content Marketing

With numerous connected devices, content marketers can leverage the generated data to produce relevant content. Connecting these data to understand the bigger picture is very important to understand the targeted audience’s behavior.