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IoT-Sensor Technologies to Better Manage Facilities

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

IoT has the powers to transform businesses; IoT sensors find their way into the maintenance and operations pertaining to the construction arena, taking the industry to the next level.

FREMONT, CA: The advancement of sensor-based techniques has significantly enhanced the collection, transmission, and processing of information, which can serve as the basis for the modernization of security management of construction. In the modern construction industry, the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technology are robust and rapidly growing technologies. With these techniques, the ever-evolving construction industry can certainly reap enormous benefits.  

The sensor-fitted construction equipment generates valuable data on components such as temperature, weight, light, and chemicals. This information can also be used to impact decisions to keep a schedule. A construction site's overall safety is also taken into account, in terms of fire safety, power use, employee ability, and general wear and tear. Routine maintenance is yet another balancing act to guarantee that it does not affect existing projects and continues to work smartly. Using sensor-based technology allows its customers to perform maintenance that ultimately helps to reduce the cost of repair depth and avoid delays in the timeline of the project.

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Maintenance framework and sensor technology depend primarily on IoT technology. Connectivity to the network allows them to collect, exchange, and communicate information naturally. On-site workers can make use of IoT-enabled devices. For their safety and improvement, it involves wearable accessories. Biometric wearables can monitor the heart rate, temperature, and other signs of the worker as well as alert security managers in the event of any malfunction.

Weight-bearing sensors help monitor on-the-spot employees to ensure they are conscious of job-site hazards and various injury risks. In order to enhance job-site hazards, various inventions are in the beta stage- a sensor-enabled linked safety shoe is intended to warn employees if they lift a load above the recommended weight.

IoT can tangibly mitigate the inefficiencies in the construction arena by adopting modern methods such as sensor technology. More businesses are now benefiting from shortening project timelines, lowering maintenance costs and decreasing accidents on-site.

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