iovation's Threat Intelligence Ensures Effective Fraud Determination

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2015

PORTLAND, OR: iovation, a provider of anti-fraud solutions launches its advanced search and reporting capabilities for online fraud detection.

The latest launch enables clients to log into a central location to view the company’s threat indicators as well as their own transactional data. It allows users to search this data across a range of parameters and reports the findings.

The company claims that the centralized intelligence enables better pattern and anomaly recognition by fraud analysts thereby ensuring faster and more effective detection. The solution has two main features that can be accessed in its administration console – the new search capabilities and the new reporting capabilities.

Clients can search and research transactions based on 78 different pieces of iovation and client supplied data. This intelligence provides data on browser type, device type, Internet service provider, IP address and country of origin. Commonly used client information includes stated location, dollar amount of transaction, referring URL and SKU of the purchased item.

This process gathers deep insight into device and transaction details. Researchers now have insight across multiple fields for matching data where mismatches may indicate potential fraud. Analysts can customize and save their preferred search queries and displays.

Analysts can select and export transactions that contain anomalous or suspicious activity, after conducting a search.  They can share search results to another analyst's console or import them into other fraud mitigation tools through .XLS or .CSV file formats. The flagged fraud indicators are accessible across all of iovation's services.

"In online fraud, it's no longer enough to just stop individual transactions; it's important that analysts have a way to detect and uncover anomalies and recognize trends as they emerge,that makes the ability to search and review all relevant data at once, then quickly report any findings, critical to advanced fraud detection," says Scott Olson, VP of Product, iovation.