iPatientCare Launches PQRS Registry Portal to Help Physicians in Submitting Quality Reports

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Registry Portal with a view to improve Patient Data ManagementFREMONT, CA: iPatientCare, a New Jersey based medical informatics company launches the Physical Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Registry Portal with a view to improve Patient Data Management. It’s a reporting program that at present employs both incentive payments (bonus) and payment adjustments (penalty).

 The program promotes submission of quality information to the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) by physicians. The incentives and adjustments are based on payments for covered Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) services provided to recipients.

“We have always been leading all quality reporting initiatives from CMS and other payers for many years,” says Gobind Garg, MD, Gobind Garg PLLC. “Participating in PQRS quality program has been one of our chosen endeavors, and iPatientCare makes it extremely easy and achievable through its Intuitive EHR, MU/PQRS Dashboard, and also the CMS Qualified PQRS Registry,” affirms Garg.

The last year for a PQRS incentive was 2014 and beyond 2015 there is potential to obtain an incentive under the Physician Value Based Payment Modifier (VM) program. The two options for PQRS reporting 2016 are Individual Measure Reporting and Measures Group Reporting. As one of the PQRS registries by CMS, iPatientCare offers PQRS reporting service to users of EHR (Electronic Health Record) as well as non-iPatientCare EHR users. The PQRS reporting service features advice from experts for choosing the right PQRS reporting method for serving patients as well as a PQRS Portal, an online tool to collect and report quality data for the CMS PQRS program.

“iPatientCare PQRS Portal has in-built facility for uploading data through documents which are then imported in our database automatically.With the purpose of helping EP and GPRO in understanding the reports and reporting to CMS we found this extremely useful and must have tool," states Arnaz Bharucha, Senior Technology Officer, iPatientCare.