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iPR Software Launches PRSA's Content Connection Digital Hub

By CIOReview | Monday, August 27, 2018

JD Bowles, President & CEO, iPR Software

LOS ANGELES: iPR Software, the industry leader in online PR and Marketing software and services, and PRSA, the nation’s largest professional organization serving the communications community, have launched a dynamic new Content Marketing site.

“Content Connection” delivers fresh, relevant and insightful industry content from PRSA’s leading stakeholders, contributors, and members in a format that engages audiences and encourages dialog. Site visitors can find out about the upcoming events, catch up on the latest PR tactics affecting the industry, and subscribe to PRSA’s self-published content.

"'Content Connection' is a dynamic knowledge portal for communications professionals to plug into the information they need for their career, now and into the future," said Laura Kane, PRSA's Chief Communications Officer. "iPR Software analytics make it possible for us to measure the impact of our content so that we can easily identify, spotlight and share our most effective content."

“Content Marketing is at the forefront of where Online Newsrooms, Blogs and PR and Marketing digital hubs are heading in their approach,” said JD Bowles, CEO of iPR Software. “We are proud to partner with PRSA to deliver and maintain their innovative new site that is sure to provide members and site visitors with a wealth of information and resources.”

The PRSA Communications team manages their assets with iPR Software’s proprietary web-based software. From one application they can post content online, distribute that content via Email, Social Media and RSS Feeds, store and connect with their database contacts, and track site behavior with iPR Software’s robust analytics platform.

If you’d like more information on PRSA’s “Content Connection” site and how iPR Software empowers their clients with the latest PR and Marketing tools, visit our website or contact iPR Software at 800.514.1897.

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