Ipro Declares Virtual Solution Roadshow to Display eDiscovery and Information Governance Solutions
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Ipro Declares Virtual Solution Roadshow to Display eDiscovery and Information Governance Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Ipro announces its virtual roadshow to display governance solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Ipro Tech, LLC, is a leader in eDiscovery, Case Management, and Trial technology, is excited to announce its next virtual solution roadshow.

The two-day event on October 7 and 8 will include three kinds of sessions, where participants will witness Ipro and NetGovern solutions in action for the first time and also have a chance to ask product experts questions concerning how to bridge the gap between both sides of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) from one single platform.

The event's first session will begin at 10:30 AM EST on October 7 and will consist of an overview of Ipro and NetGovern, where participants will see how a combination of NetGovern's Information Governance technology with Ipro's best-in-class eDiscovery capabilities creates the industries most flexible, scalable, and robust eDiscovery experience. The next session takes place later on the same day at 1:30 PM and will cover the latest features of Ipro for Enterprise. The roadshow concludes on October 8 at 1:30 PM to get the most out of Ipro for Desktop.

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Ipro declared its acquisition of NetGovern in July 2020, and the two companies have been working at integrating products, people, and products since then. In the past, Ipro and NetGovern enjoyed a strategic partnership.

"By all accounts and estimates, data is growing at an exponential rate. This growth drives new challenges across enterprises with concerns ranging from compliance to security to risk management, and ultimately eDiscovery," says Jeff Lamboy, vice president, marketing, Ipro. "The economic impact of managing these issues, breaches, and judgements is also spiraling, creating the need for a solution that is easy to use."

Ipro is the global leader in eDiscovery technology used by legal professionals to streamline electronic data discovery through a trial presentation. Ipro draws upon decades of innovation to deliver high-performance software, services, and support, flexibly deployed via Desktop, On-prem, Cloud, or Hybrid solutions, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of eDiscovery.