IPXO Unveils Fully Automated IPv4 Address Leasing and Monetization Platform
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IPXO Unveils Fully Automated IPv4 Address Leasing and Monetization Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The IPXO platform enables businesses to profit from idle Internet Protocol (IPv4) addresses securely, leveling the playing field for enterprises facing a shortage.

FREMONT, CA: IPXO, a one-stop shop for IP addresses, has unveiled a new IP address management platform that enables businesses to lease unused IP resources to other companies in need quickly. As a result, by allowing sleeping IP assets to reenter the market, the platform will resolve the global IPv4 scarcity problem while also providing an opportunity to develop new technologies that will aid in unifying the fragmented internet business.

Since 2019, the IPv4 resource pool has been depleted entirely. Massive digitalization, exacerbated by the pandemic, has added further strain to an already stressed market, resulting in prices for IPv4 address transfers continuing to go upward without a clear tipping point in sight. This necessitated creating an alternative market, which, according to VincentasGrinius, CEO of IPXO, was a significant driver in the company's decision to develop the new IPXO platform.

“Having identified a gap in the industry, we wanted to present the network community with a reliable solution for SMEs and larger enterprises alike,” says Grinius. “IPXO is working to enable IP monetization while connecting all Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), in turn providing more transparency and accountability in the industry.”

Additionally, IP monetization formerly needed a significant amount of human capital. Thus, one of the platform's primary goals throughout development was to minimize the work required of IP lessors and lessees while listing and accessing IPv4 resources.

Expanding market access

One of the most significant challenges that IP resource businesses continue to encounter is limited market access. IPXOs platform will address this issue by enabling firms worldwide to engage, trade resources, and seek real-time solutions to their IP needs.

“The platform will effectively solve market accessibility problems that the industry has grappled with for decades. This will go a long way to help startups and brick and mortar firms that are looking to digitize their operations, to gain easy access to IP resources at a relatively low cost,” Vincentas adds. “Looking from a wider perspective, it will help bridge the global economy with the digital world more tightly.”

“The innovative solution has already received positive feedback from some of its partners that had the opportunity to try out the platform during Beta-testing. We have been using IPXOs solutions to obtain IP addresses quickly, in as little as a couple of minutes. This is invaluable, especially when, at times, we need to promptly change the IP addresses. Also, customer service is diligent and efficient when it comes to providing fast and clear solutions," shares Pablo Hoffmann, Director and Founder of Zyte.

IPXO's plans are substantial, having secured alliances and long-term collaboration with several large organizations, major ISPs, and RIRs. One of them is "to establish the first Commercial RIR: a unified framework for existing RIRs that comply to their own policy and compliance criteria."

“There are still many gaps in the industry,” Grinius notes. “That’s why the ecosystem we are building is just the beginning of the roadmap we have for IPXO, as we aim to continue developing business-driven solutions that would help fill in the blanks,” he concludes.