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Ireland to Witness an Exhibition on Manufacturing Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, September 3, 2018

Over the years, Ireland has witnessed significant growth in their manufacturing sector with over 4000 firms operating in the range of high-tech sectors from medical to aerospace industry. Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition is the biggest event in the country’s manufacturing calendar attracting over 4000 people to the Citywest venue outside the capital Dublin. Future Engineering Ireland is a new approach toward providing the opportunity for manufacturing technology providers to highlight their latest innovations to their customers. On l7th January 2019, the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) is partnering with organizer Premier Publishing & Events to promote Future Engineering Ireland across the globe.

This initiative will allow manufacturing technology providers to exhibit new and advanced technologies, and provide a platform to the Irish manufacturers to showcase their innovations. The fundamental objective of the one-day conference is to disseminate the cutting-edge research underpinning them and highlight innovative approaches. The conference will commence on the interest subjecting to senior management, renowned engineers, and scholars across the globe, including delegates who will be representing various sectors. Manufacturers serving sectors like pharmaceutical, medical, electronics and engineering manufacturing, and food and chemical will play a major role in the event. The delegates will be involved in discussing industry insights on plans ahead in the business arena to share good practice and meeting key innovators in the dedicated exhibition area. Manufacturers from both small and large enterprises across Ireland are looking forward to targeting political decision-makers to present a healthier business environment in the manufacturing space.

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