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Irresistible Shift to the Cloud Would Be Seen Over the Next Decade

By CIOReview | Monday, June 11, 2018

While cloud is not new to the market, its true power is being realized only now. According to Mark Hurd, CEO, Oracle, the big shift to the cloud as an irresistible force will accelerate over the next decade. While addressing an audience at NetSuite’s annual meet at Las Vegas, USA, he also mentioned that cost efficiency, ability to be more innovative, and security are the key factor behind this major shift. In addition, increased adoption of cloud technology will remove the technological complexities present within an organization’s ecosystem. Hurd further added that since the IT environment of an organization is created by different fragmented pieces—modules, various operating systems, databases and servers, IT becomes extremely complicated. It makes the environment difficult to update and modernize the applications. In such a situation, on-premise structure adds to the complexity while the cloud simplifies it. Shift to the cloud will bring tremendous benefits for all companies including SMBs.      

Apart from talking about the move to the cloud, Hurd also discussed about the buzz around artificial intelligence, adding that AI will be smartly integrated into business applications. AI and machine learning capabilities will empower enterprises to gain better insights to enhance efficiencies and make better decisions with predictive analytics. In the coming days, databases will driven by AI, making business operation and workflow autonomous. The use cases for AI are congruent to the issues prevailing in the industry. For instance, an AI tool can assist manufacturing professionals to optimize worker’s schedules in warehouses based on past performance or future demand or it can provide product recommendation for retail applications.  

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