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Is Artificial Intelligence the Solution to Cyberbullying?

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 22, 2018

Harassment and discrimination have taken up the new form of cyberbullying, which is equally traumatizing if not more as children and adults alike are susceptible to fall victim to negative comments and other malicious behaviors against them. To help victims big social media sites are gearing up with artificial intelligence to prevent bullying on their platforms.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning programs will be fed with keywords associated with cyberbullying; moreover, the technology could be used to remove controversial and offensive comments from view.  In fact, social media sites such as Instagram employs artificial intelligence algorithms and word embedding concept to search through its users and find the potential bullies as well as block their account. It employs DeepText algorithm engineered and also used by the parent company Facebook to understand the textual contents on several thousand posts with near-human accuracy per second. The technology can be used to filter out offensive posts, eliminate spam, and analyze content. The technology can also be used to block trigger words or abusive language by the users, thus making it an effective solution.

But we still have to acknowledge that this technology is lacking on different natural language front to prevent cyberbullying totally. Most of the technology to prevent discrimination in workplace portals or social media is still being developed or are in the trial run and it might be a while before all these algorithms can successfully eliminate cyberbullying completely from all the social media platforms.

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