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Is Cloud Foolproof?

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 6, 2016

Phenomenal rise in the amount of data generated over the last few years has led to a growing chorus of shifting to the cloud. Conversely, there’s no dearth of voices that are skeptical about cloud’s efficacy in protecting the resources. Their main source of concern is regarding the safety of sensitive data in the cloud. Exactly, how safe is the cloud is the question that has been baffling entrepreneurs and enterprises alike for quite some time and is at the top of any organization’s agenda.

The trust in the cloud has been growing with each passing day and many more enterprises are shifting to the cloud, but one can never be completely satisfied with the level of security out there in the cloud.

Prominent Security Concerns

From gaping holes in the security cover to support issues, there are a number of concerns that have led to skepticism bubble up in users’ minds. Privacy is one such issue which is of grave concern for the users. One can never ever be sure about privacy, as there are no stringent laws to prevent third party providers from gaining access to personal data and details. Next issue that crops is the concern regarding security. There was a time when storage was considered synonymous with data centers and was run by an in-house IT department, but with cloud coming into the picture, things have changed drastically. No longer being in complete control of the resources hosted in cloud environments, several SMBs rely on third party service providers to take care of their data in the cloud. There are some providers who provide encryption as a defense against rogue entities to keep the valuable data secure, so that it becomes highly improbable for anyone to gain access to a firm’s sensitive data.

But then there’s always this threat of an insider breaching the security cover and using the data in the cloud to satiate his/her malicious thirst. With Edward Snowden and Julian Assange fresh in our minds, it is a constant and present danger that enterprises have to deal with.

Another issue that is a cause of major headache to the organizations is the loss of confidentiality. As the events of the recent past show that there has been a considerable rise in the incidents of security breaches, where governments have been keen on monitoring the internet to keep a close eye on the looming threats by having the visibility of the information flowing across the web. User privacy has always been a major area of concern associated with the cloud and with a new kind of vigilantism shown by the establishments, businesses now have to keep governments away from snooping into their data – which is summarily, a gargantuan task to accomplish.

Remediation of Challenges

In today’s challenging environment, both data firewalls and data security intelligence have become intrinsic to protect the enterprise from the broadening attack surface. Any data-centric approach must incorporate encryption, strong access controls, and security intelligence to protect data in the cloud. Another way of efficient use of cloud is to combine the power and security of on-premise software and efficiency of the cloud through a hybrid approach. This way, a business can reduce the risk factor associated with cloud - significantly.

As technology advances at a break-neck speed, so does the risk factors that come with it. With businesses going full throttle for this new trend, one can only hope that cloud becomes a preferred destination for data storage and every care is taken to protect the cloud from any attack with a malicious intent. 

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