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Is Collaborative Intelligence the future of work?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Machines are gaining dominance with their more intelligent, faster and creative moves. AI is becoming good at performing human tasks such as diagnosing diseases, enhancing customer care, and translating various languages which are raising fears that will AI replace the human workforce? AI will undoubtedly alter how work gets done, but the broader view is that it will complement and augment human capabilities, and not replace them.

The Rise of Smart Machines

With the ongoing advancements, machines are given more complicated jobs which once belonged to the domains of human only. Computers are learning to drive vehicles, read multiple languages, diagnose a particular medical condition and recommend treatments for it. However, AI and Machine Learning (ML) are providing an enormous amount of data, but these systems will indeed evolve through continuous feedbacks and corrections.

Therefore, an organization must know their data strategy, data literacy strategy and the culture of data trust in place, before they could start employing techniques which would help the users to be more efficient and productive in their jobs.

AI requires human assistance

AI has been an excellent technology and has provided a fantastic opportunity for the workers to reduce the time they spend on tedious tasks such as data entry, enabling the employees to think of more creative ideas.  AI allows the staff to focus on more strategy-based activities that deliver higher value to an organization and helps an individual to be more productive.

For instance, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence can be used for routine data analysis and recommending visualizations. The combination of AI and humans provides better opportunities; the amalgamation of the human mind with machine intelligence will produce faster, smarter and broader discoveries.

So what should the enterprises focus on? In order to future-proof the roles and the wellbeing of the teams, enterprises have to focus on their strengths; this is because humans can solve their problem in an interdisciplinary style. It is advisable to merge human power and creative ideas with AI intelligence so that the organizations gain more profitable results. 

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