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Is Digital Transformation Weighed Down by Slow Technology?

By CIOReview | Friday, February 23, 2018

According to a survey conducted by Appian, which included 463 organizations, digital transformation is being slowed down by the available technologies for businesses.

The survey discovered that several businesses adopting the digital transformation have objectives that are obstructed by the technologies available in the market today. This has led to the businesses shift its focus from the boardroom to the IT department.

Many business professionals believe that ineffective processes and technologies have slowed down the benefits that could have been possible from the digital transformation. One of the major reasons for this occurrence is "technical debt." Businesses are weighed down by the "technical debt" (that is software fail to match the business goals). Another reason is the lack of growth in executing the software solutions to encourage the new business landscape.     

The ‘debt factor’ was put up by 91 percent of the 4653 responders, while 74 percent raised the ‘gap factor’ regarding the slow execution of software. Many organizations are attempting to deal with the increase in IT costs together with the complexities involved in implementation. The cost and complexity factors imply that medium-term and long-term approach is often left aside as the business meets the need for short-term fixes and overlays.

According to analyst Charles Betz, to avoid digital transformation from becoming worthless, enterprises need to concentrate on ‘digital efficiency’. Other suggestion on developing a digital transformation stratagem comes from Kelvin Claveria, who says that interruption can come from anywhere that means organizations must have a broad scope while undertaking business intelligence gathering.