Is Gamification The Secret Of Effective Employee Engagement?
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Is Gamification The Secret Of Effective Employee Engagement?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 14, 2021
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FREMONT, CA : Incentivizing serious work through gamification can result in much-improved outcomes. These days, companies understand the value of keeping employees involved and interested. Such a workforce can be multiple times more productive than one that is forced to undertake boring and mechanical tasks. This is valid in the case of employee training as well. A training module that contains activities and rewards is bound to be more impactful in skilling employees. According to reports, 83 percent of employees who underwent training through gamified modules conceded to be motivated and driven. The following list mentions why gamification works in favor of employee engagement.

Streamlined and Valuable Feedback for Employees

 Gamification entitles employees to valuable feedbacks. While some of these feedbacks could be manual, most of them are automated. Gamified tasks allow employees to set goals before undertaking a task or a training module. After completion, employees are able to compare their results against their expected scores. Besides, dashboards also allow employees to compare their performance with that of fellow workers.

A Source of Motivation

By deploying gamification, companies can uncover a constant source of motivation for the workforce. Since gamification allows workers to monitor and comprehend their own performance through various metrics and visual representations, a tendency towards growth develops. Besides, the competitive spirit also comes into play as activities involve group participation.

Rewards and Recognition

 Although standard methods of appraisal do help companies engage with and reward their workers, gamification delivers better results. With gamification, workers can be recognized and rewarded. This results in employees feeling a sense of appreciation on a regular basis. Subsequently, employee engagement improves significantly.

The traditional ways of getting a worker involved are ineffective. On the other hand, gamification has enabled companies to develop a superior level of employee engagement. The advantages of gamification manifest themselves in the form of better productivity, enhanced skill sets among workers, and improved employee satisfaction.