Is Implementing New Technology for Data Management Enough for Utility Companies?
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Is Implementing New Technology for Data Management Enough for Utility Companies?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Increasing data volumes is demanding more from utility companies. What can utility companies do to keep up with the demands?

FREMONT, CA: With the increasing volume of data generated every year, it has become clear that the enterprises can no longer deal with a considerable number of data with outdated techniques. Modernized solutions can provide better results if combined with new methods of thinking about, processing, and utilizing data management.

Along with implementing new technology, power companies also require a long-term processed approach and modern workflows that support that process which results in more impactful actions for utility enterprises to serve their communities in a better way.

Putting aside the old, and opening the doors for new

For decades, utility enterprises have been dependent on their workers for conducting the manual inspection, which inevitably introduces human error into the process.

The use of automation has become a more prominent focus because of the generation of inconsistent data through manual processes. With the evolving technology, the amount of data also increases, which requires a robust support system from enterprises to process it. There is already a shift in the drone utility inspection process as automation process are introduced to reduce the amount of hard work needed for close-up examination. The outcome is improved results with high definition imaging, incredibly comprehensive, consistent, and repeatable inspection data.

Mining and refining

It is tricky to figure out the way of using data effectively and ensuring its proper analysis and management.

The hyperspectral, drone-captured data coming from inspected areas like vegetation, and hazardous trees close to power lines is uploaded to databases within the data management systems of the utility company. There, ML-based tools can speedily complete their analysis, sorting through numerous captured images and deriving conclusion according to identified patterns. Further, these conclusions present data in a more actionable and intuitive form.

Cloud environment deployment is vital for providing the infinite scalability required for inspection data storage and storing capacity for numerous years.

While the deployment of drone technology provides significant benefits, it needs capabilities like ML and AI as well as better workflow processes to turn intricate information into clear, actionable and straightforward which will eventually revolutionize processes that will lead to long-lasting results. These transformations are required to start from the top, providing data teams with a Chief Data Officer (CDO) who has a stronghold on data processing and a comprehensive understanding of the way to effectively use it. This will significantly help utility companies for better serving and protecting their customers.

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