Is IoT A Game Changer for Transportation Industry?
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Is IoT A Game Changer for Transportation Industry?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 8, 2019

IoT innovation is the next big thing in this technology-driven world. This new wave of technology is rising at a phenomenal rate and is profoundly influencing all the industries. IoT Companies /Technology helps in transferring the data without human aid due to which many enterprises are shifting towards IoT adoption to enhance their efficiency and to understand the customer needs as well. IoT has its offerings in the transportation sector as well; let’s see how this industry can reap benefits from this technology.

IoT Applications in Transportation

IoT has entirely transformed the transportation sector, and the reason behind it could be attributed to the connectivity enhancement and mobile technology as well. IoT has made road safety system quite more comfortable, also the fleet management system has also become quite organized and managed. Let’s discuss the changes that IoT has brought in the transportation sector.

1. Fleet Management

Real-time information becomes essential so that one can reap business benefits by taking timely decisions. Fleet management technology is gaining prominence among the business owners and is also improving with better maintenance cost, fuel consumption, operational efficiency, and speedy responses.

2. Transit Management

Initially, it was challenging to predict the exact time of vehicle arrival and to know its particular stop. IoT has made this information available in real-time. In this process, the data has to be tracked and sent to the data center after which it is sent to the internet-enabled mobile devices.

3. Smart Inventory Management

Real-time inventory management can be fruitful as it can assist in getting the actual status of the warehouse, production center and also the distribution center. Due to these features, inventory management costs have reduced, and maintenance has also improved. The quality and the information provided by the system strengthen traditional or legacy inventory management system.

4. Maximum Asset Utilization

With the help of a transport management system, asset tracking becomes much faster and easier. For instance, as information regarding the location or status can be tracked and managed efficiently, truck owners can know the actual load of the truck and their location too.

5. Geo-Fencing

This feature is an advanced form of GPS and can capture the asset location or device location with the help of coordinates of that area. As a result, if a driver deviates from a pre-specified path, then the concerned authority will receive an alert for the same. Automated tasks can be started with the help of Geo-fencing. 

Transparency and accountability have enhanced that has made the system cost-effective and time-saving. IoT has revolutionized the way business operations were performed for the transportation sector initially.

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