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Is 'MAGA' Reshaping the World of Electronic Security and Connected Devices?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Electronic security and life safety leaders will debate the impacts and competition strategies for some of the nation’s largest and most disruptive corporations in a newly released ESX CounterPoint Forum, “Clash of the Titans – How Will ‘MAGA’ Affect You and the Industry?,” being held Wednesday, June 20 at 10:00 a.m.

MSOs (multiple-system operators), Apple, Google and Amazon may well be reshaping the world of electronic security and connected devices in homes and businesses.

“The session will explore the disruptors who will impact the industry in the near and longer term, and identify why consumers are attracted to them,” says George De Marco, ESX Chairman.

Many people immediately imagine MSOs and companies like Apple, Google and Amazon when they are asked about business titans. These massive companies – MAGA for short – have historically disrupted industries. The most recent example of disruption – and a move that is sparking debate about the security industry’s future – is Amazon's entrance into the business of home security installation.

The ESX CounterPoint Forum will address the looming question created by these events: How will MAGAs change the future of the electronic security industry?

“Well-funded and large companies, skilled at bringing disruption, are locked in a battle for controlling the home,” says De Marco. “Understanding market shifts is important, so you aren’t blindsided by new entrants, next-gen technologies or unique service and product offerings.”

In addition, the group will discuss whether traditional companies should partner with these companies, and particular attention will be given to discussing the effects on traditional dealers and integrators.

“Attendees will identify important takeaways and decide which ones may have actionable intel that will help them rethink their brand promise and go-to-market strategies, or have a better understanding of how to compete in the marketplace regardless of what disruptors bring,” says De Marco.

The CounterPoint Forum experience is unique and invaluable, and might provide a fuller picture than any self-directed study could. Unlike typical presentations, ESX CounterPoint Forums are open, highly interactive sessions, where debate is sparked and encouraged. Industry professionals will discuss their views freely and passionately to sharpen each other through engaging dialogue.

“Reading is an important factor in doing a competitor analysis; however, hearing opinions and perspectives from your peers and colleagues first hand is priceless. Follow-up questions can be asked in real-time, allowing for a deeper dive that gathers valuable data points,” says De Marco.

The “Clash of the Titans – How will MAGA Affect You and the Industry?” CounterPoint Forum is part of the Rethink the Future education track at ESX, held June 19-22. This track, sponsored by, will focus on current trends, market shifts and the necessary forward-thinking strategies to move the industry ahead.

ESX will offer four educational tracks, so passionate security professionals of all backgrounds will find what they are looking for among the 35+ peer-led sessions.

Access to the ESX expo and exhibitor offered education is free.

Premium Passes, the event’s all-inclusive registration type, are priced at $299 in advance of the show. This price allows companies large and small to invest in the development of their leadership teams. Prices are scheduled to increase.