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Is There Anything New to HVAC Technology This Year?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Technological advancements are changing the heating and air systems to get more efficiency, and several residents are taking advantage of those adaptations in the present time.

FREMONT, CA: People are getting aware of trends and transformations in technologies they have been using actively. Every year a few new changes come into the picture, and people get to know what is unique about the systems they used every day, such as phones, cars, and software products.

But they stay distracted from the same rate of change within the technologies they passively utilized. Gradually, air conditioning and heat have started providing home comfort, and people might be keen to install new systems without making any alterations. The HVAC developments are revolutionary and exciting as the changes carry a considerable potential to reduce the energy usage, reorganize heating and cooling costs, and make homes smarter as well as comfortable.

Smarter Thermostats:

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People have already witnessed the idea of smart home technology and might get familiar with smart thermostats as well, which is setting its foot now. Smart houses with HVAC technology comprises of a room sensor, specially built to detect humidity, temperature, and motion, allowing more personalized and automated controls in the house. Moreover, technology brings easy integration with various voice or audio devices.

Latest Refrigerants:

Smart thermostats reflect the well-known evolution in the HVAC space. Without a new refrigerant, air conditioning does not stand an opportunity. The refrigerant takes in heat from the environment and decreases the temperature of air that has passed over it. Previously, creating a well-organized refrigerant compound was not possible in any environmentally-hazardous elements such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons, the active participants for ozone layer depletion and escalating the greenhouse effect.

Nonetheless, there is a method in making refrigerants effective and environmentally safe equally. The newest refrigerants can decrease carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 78 percent while improving energy effectiveness. Also, being a popular initiative, from a consumer perspective, it might appear as an expensive production and investment. 

Inverter Technology:

Inverters manage the speed of air conditioner compressor motors to adjust the temperature. The latest technology helps variable-frequency for more substantial degrees of control, which shows that the AC unit can be used at more incremental standards than before, and save residents money on their bills.

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