ISE-CalAmp Simplifies Management of Drivers' Hours-of-Service and Vehicle Maintenance Compliance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: To provide fleet operators with a end-to-end solution for managing drivers’ hours-of-service and for vehicle maintenance compliance, ISE Fleet Services, a provider of end-to-end mobile and enterprise solutions, partners with CalAmp, a provider of wireless communications solutions. As part of the deal, ISE will offer its eFleetSuite compliance application with CalAmp’s LMU-4200- a location and messaging unit and MDT-7, an Android-based mobile data terminal.

"This partnership allows ISE Fleet Services to offer their easy-to-use, commercial-grade compliance application on the CalAmp MDT-7 Android mobile data terminal designed to support enterprise customers with diverse fleets, CalAmp and ISE Fleet Services are working together to provide a comprehensive solution to help meet their evolving business objectives,” says said Greg Gower, Senior Vice President and General Manager, MRM business, CalAmp.

CalAmp's MDT-7 features small size, rugged design, wired and wireless connectivity, on-board memory and micro SD support, front and rear facing cameras and a 7 inch touch display. By centralizing workflow applications, the platform reduces driver paperwork, integrates driver dispatching and messaging, and communicates critical information from the driver and vehicle directly back to the business information systems. Messages and captured information are then transported across the cellular network via a connected CalAmp LMU device.

CalAmp’s MDT-7 is connected to CalAmp’s LMU products either through a wired serial cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth or WiFi technologies that makes MDT-7 ideally suited to deliver value-added applications to long distance trucking, local fleet, asset delivery and mobile workforce management market segments.

The LMU-4230 is designed to support enterprise customers needing a wide range of wireless connectivity, vehicle interfaces and peripheral interconnect. It offers a full set of fleet features with cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and satellite connectivity options, plus a 3-axis accelerometer that detects and acts on hard braking, aggressive acceleration, or vehicle impacts.