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iSiteAccess Online Visitor Management Software Service Targets Enterprise Businesses

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ORLANDO, FL: Online visitor management security service provider Veristream announces the designing and launchof their latest solution specifically targeted at businesses with multiple locations, nationally or internationally. Called as the iSiteAccess, it allows security administrators to approve and run the entry of traveling employees into multiple buildings and facilities, all through a secure online service.

It promotes swift entry process into each site without additional security hardware or software and is most suitable for businesses with employees travelling to multiple sites. With simplified visitor control facilities, increased visitor security and simplified visitor badging the solution attempts to advances the whole process of visitor management techniques and processes.

iSiteAccess offers security managers the ability to update entry and access information in real time across all of the buildings within the program. With optional access control integration, the traveling employee’s access control card can be automatically programmed into disparate access control platforms without additional user intervention. This allows businesses to leverage existing access control systems while providing a single card solution to traveling employees.

Each Veristream customer dictates which employees have access to what particular buildings and properties. In real time, customers can access the iSiteAccess service and update employee access.

One of the primary benefits of iSiteAccess is that it allows employees entry into multiple locations, one visit at a time, for the specifically approved period. It is a true flexible security service for large corporations with a high population of travelling employees. Other benefits include: enhanced security service that does not require upfront hardware or software installation; does not demand the replacement of existing access control and security systems for implementation; real-time secure data exchange with a variety of different access control systems as well as data exchange via ODBC, XML, and SOAP. It can also be integrated with existing employee data from human resource databases.