Isotrack to Offer Delivery Performance Management for UniPro's Member Fleets

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ATLANTA, GA:Fleet management services are in the eve of noticing a strategic turn of events which comes with the alliance of Isotrak and UniPro Food Service. Isotrack, is a provider of fleet management software and fleet telematics systems andUniPro Foodservice, a provider of quality foodservice products and exclusive purchasing opportunities with the country's premier suppliers.

The software is SaaS based and integrates with other enterprise software systems throughout the supply chain. The user can create a customizable widget with an exception based gadget that analyses data providing real-time operational intelligence relevant to that individual.

With this partnership, Isotrak will offer end to end solutions to UniPro's Member fleets.The members of UniPro will gain real- time visibility into measuring the delivery performance of their fleet using Isotrak's fleet management software and web-based dashboard. They will get updated information of the trucks’ arrival on whetherthey are on-time, early, or late and by how many minutes helping them manage operations and delivery performance.

Some of the very important benefits of the software are: Seamless supply chain integration with transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, route planning & dispatch systems; Electronic Proof-of-delivery (ePOD); and integrated safety cameras that will ensure quality food during transportation. The software also allows customers to prioritize issues and change business outcomes before an issue occurs or as it's occurring, versus reacting to a problem that may have already made a negative impact.

Isotrack software gives UniPro members certain tools to be in compliance with new Department of Transportation regulations and food safety mandates, with Isotrackmonitoring temperature control to ensure quality and safety of food during transportation.

"We look forward to collaborating with UniPro Foodservice and providing fleet solutions to UniPro Members that we've developed for foodservice distributors and grocery retailers over the last 16 years," states Brett Conner, president,Isotrak. "This partnership will provide meaningful telematics and delivery performance management to ensure on-time and safe delivery for each of UniPro's Member fleets."