IT Enterprises Struggling to Provide Quality UC Service to their Remote Workforce, reports Dell

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 15, 2016

ROUND ROCK, TX: A Dell survey has revealed that around 95 percent of IT businesses experience challenges in providing the same quality of Unified Communications (UC) service to their remote workforce, as compare to the office workforce. However, the survey found that about 83 percent of IT businesses see the remote workforce in their organizations to grow further in the coming years. Around 79 percent of IT businesses rely on users to notify them against UC performance issues while 98 percent of businesses are keen on gaining insights about UC remote worker usage, the survey observed.

Besides, 95 percent out of the technology professionals who manage UC platforms claimed facing significant challenges in delivering quality UC service to remote workers. Thus, it has become increasingly imperative for businesses to strengthen their UC capabilities in order to address the demands of the growing remote workforce. Organizations lacking visibility in UC usage are more exposed to risk and decreasing productivity, noted the survey, with 55 percent of the respondents spending time every week to address UC quality issues.

Additionally, 75 percent of the respondents stated that their existing UC technologies do not have the required analytic or diagnostic capabilities whereas 77 percent complained about data security concerns. About 55 percent of the respondents voiced their concerns in maintaining compliance regulations whilst 69 percent said they cannot track usage rates and 71 percent have increased UC investments to support remote workers.

“Organizations today are increasing their investments in unified communications platforms to support a growing remote workforce, yet they lack comprehensive UC analytic capabilities to get clear insights into how their remote workers are using the UC platforms, if at all. As investment in these capabilities grows, organizations need better visibility into their UC platforms, both to provide a quality experience that encourages adoption, and better manage costs and determine ROI,” said Curtis Johnstone, Senior UC Product Architect, Dell Systems and Information Management.

Furthermore, Dell suggested several measures for IT businesses to address their UC challenges and ensure robust growth in business. The measures include tracking remote worker usage, gathering and monitoring the quality of experience, and getting insight into remote worker issues. “Dell is committed to delivering solutions that maximize the investment in UC by enabling IT organizations to more effectively bring the productivity benefits of UC to their workforce, including the remote worker, and to realize the cost benefits of consolidating their investments in multiple UC platforms,” added Johnstone.