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IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool - Influential in Enhanced Business Performance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 21, 2016

IT today spearheads the business evolution for global companies. As such, it is vital for businesses to ensure the optimum performance of IT through an efficient IT infrastructure monitoring tool. However, the integration of new tools is not an easy task because the company needs to make plans to handle new elements and the situation becomes even worse when business systems are spread across geographical locations. To overcome the situation of monitoring resources at different geographical locations led organizations to integrate IT infrastructure monitoring tool.

IT infrastructure monitoring tool is a program which assists companies in monitoring the systems and ensures timely availability of the resources. The health of the IT systems is important to provide continuous support to the consumers. All types of systems and applications which also includes cloud computing needs continuous monitoring. IT infrastructure monitoring tool helps in filling the isolated silos in the system management process by detecting the possible concerns, ensuring availability of all components, and measuring the amount of resources each component is using. Therefore, the task of IT managers is very critical to select an ideal monitoring tool, which is compatible to company’s current IT system. IT managers will have to scrutinize the IT infrastructure monitoring tool on various grounds before integrating it into their company infrastructure.

In an article for, Nicolas Serran, Josuna Hernantes, and Gorka Gallardo write that while selecting an infrastructure monitoring tool, the IT manager will have to consider several factors, such as its functionalities, maintenance and deployment factors, and how the tool will affect the company. IT manager will have to first set goals about company’s expectations from the tool, the needs of the end users and the number of OSs required to be monitored. It is necessary to evaluate the tool according to the current IT infrastructure of the company to assure selected tool is compatible with company’s current system.

IT manager will have to start by setting an objective before selecting a tool by investigating the services that the company wants from the product. If a company already has a tool installed, then it is necessary to check the compatibility of a new tool with the older one. IT manager needs to ensure that the tool is flexible enough to work with various systems, applications, tools, operating systems present in the data center. The manager will have to check the alert system and helpdesk integration by the tool provider. The prime motive of IT infrastructure monitoring tool is to send alerts about operational issues as soon as possible. IT manager can customize the alert service according to the infrastructure so tasks can be automated to control the issues.

While starting with the deployment, IT manager will have to confirm that tool supports company policies. The manager needs to evaluate the measures required for data collection and converting it into insightful information. HP started using big data solution into its monitoring tool, Operational Analytics, which takes data from various logs and metrics to correlate them and convert into meaningful information. This function enables monitoring tool with a tendency to monitor any type of anomaly instead of reporting pre-defined faults. The tools guided by Big Data enables IT infrastructure with an intelligence to monitor any deviation and resolve it before any error occurs.

A perfect IT infrastructure monitoring tool assists companies in effective resource tracking and keeping company operations streamlined. It reveals problems and assists in fixing the workarounds. If a company is already using a monitoring tool in its infrastructure, the directory of old tool needs to be updated to accommodate the new tool. At last, IT manager will have to rigorously go through all expected points before taking a decision about tool selection. All points will have to be thoroughly checked on grounds of current IT infrastructure and relativity of new tool with the framework. A well-suited IT infrastructure monitoring tool will lead to getting monitoring reports well within time, so IT manager can resolve any error before any devastating effect.

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