It Is Not The Capital, But The Product That Matters
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It Is Not The Capital, But The Product That Matters

By CIOReview | Monday, March 24, 2014

FREMONT, CA: It is raining dollars in the cloud industry. There are no more long waits to haul up enough initial capital for startups or looking out for the right time to go IPO. But it may definitely be far from giving you the right picture of the industry.

According to Tom Taulli, contributor for Forbes, it is possible to have an over the top cloud service without the support of a ‘funding machine’. The company he chose to prove this theory is HighQ, a software firm started back in 2001 for law firms, investment banks and big corporations. The Co founders Ajay Patel (CEO) and Veenay Shah (CFO) may not have drawn salary for the first five years into the industry, but the firm took off from the basic capital of just $30,000. Currently it has a solid foothold in the industry, especially storage and collaboration.

HighQ’s main products are Collaborate, Publisher, Dataroom and Diligence and the area of operation includes file sharing, extranet, collaboration, project management, virtual data room, enterprise social networking, knowledge sharing and publishing solutions.

In simple words, what sets them apart from other service providers is nothing but the security features. HighQ’s architecture is based on single tenancy that is, each client has its own code base and database instance. It costs more but carves a strong security niche for the clients. Especially after the mess of NSA revelations nothing is more important than data protection.

“Privacy is a top priority with enterprises,” confirms Patel. With the company’s knowledge of the law firm and the primary focus being security, they have won over many prominent clients including Barclays and UBS.

“The pipeline is healthy and we expect the numbers to grow considerably over the next year. Most of our customers have clients that are the largest companies in the world. Our platform is used by almost all of the FTSE 100 and a large percentage of the Fortune 500,” adds Patel. 

Rivals may be many and strong like Box and Dropbox. But for now, HighQ seems to be safe with its humble beginnings and powerful product.