It's Time for an Online Shopping Spree
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It's Time for an Online Shopping Spree

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 11, 2019

E-Commerce is considered the fastest growing modern technology, but the present e-commerce businesses needs to stay a step ahead of the curve, if they aim to be highly sought by the consumer.

FREMONT, CA: Organizations can stand out of the box in the competitive environment by deploying some of the modern technologies that make sure the customers get highest-quality products and services. The companies can make use of AI and AR to impress the customer by personalizing their experience and making available try-it-out tools via technologies, respectively. 

Shopping with AI:

The data of online shoppers are priceless to e-commerce companies and should be treated with the utmost importance. The retailers online can retrieve useful insights regarding the consumer affinities, trends, and preferences to shed some light on what can be recommended to them. The utilization of AI can help in evaluating the browsing behavior of users as well as segregating them can yield effective marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses.

The type of analysis where platforms can reveal the list of targeted audiences to the brands through data analysis of thousands of social media demographics and behavioral attributes can help the e-commerce brands connect better with the customers. The online retailers also have the advantage of being completely free to indulge with creative content without any limitations.

 Unlike traditional technology, AI-driven chatbot can provide answers to customer queries and deepen the customer relationship with the brand. By selecting the AI-powered chatbot, brands can enhance the likelihood of sales by making sure it can interpret requests made in conversational language to provide relevant answers.

The AR-VR Combo:

Many e-commerce companies are known to the enormous cost of returns, and AR and VR can drive down the return rates extensively for numerous e-commerce businesses. The advanced tools in the market currently can help shoppers to visualize how items look like in real life by deploying a virtual mirror option on the website where customers can try dresses before purchasing them.

Quick Deliveries:

Demanding clients expect fast fulfillment and convenience, such as the rising trend of same-day delivery, facilitated by last-mile technologies. The method encourages businesses to think and incorporate unique product delivery processes, including robots and drone, and still hold on to cost-effective traits.

E-commerce companies should make a shift to the experienced yet cost-effective partners with advanced AI-driven data analysis, cognitive chatbots, or VR technologies to drive business growth.

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