Itential Collaborates With IP Fabric To Develop Optimized Network Automation
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Itential Collaborates With IP Fabric To Develop Optimized Network Automation

By CIOReview | Saturday, July 2, 2022

Itential, in partnership with IP Fabric, creates an automated network structure for organizations to boost their network automation with confidence.

FREMONT, CA: “Network operations is evolving from tools to platforms with integration and automation at its core, said Chris Wade, CTO at Itential. As network teams focus on self-serve and automated operations, it becomes critical to build confidence through testing and real-time validation. Combining the Itential Automation Platform with IP Fabrics Discovery and Assurance Platform enables enterprises to automate their networks with peace of mind.”

Itential, one of the leading network and cloud automation software providers, collaborates with IP Fabric, one of the best network assurance solutions for enterprises, to facilitate the enterprises' ability to create and implement network automations. It executes with confidence for the network to match through network verification, validation and assurance.

"Chris Wade added that Itential is focused on building an ecosystem of like-minded vendors, like IP Fabric, who are focused on removing any concern for how systems will work together and thus accelerating the automation journey for our customers."

The Itential Automation Platform is the first automation solution built to assist and maintain hybrid cloud architecture, allowing businesses to retain network compliance, decrease manual procedures, and streamline network management. Its API-first characteristics enable smooth interaction with any IT system or network technology, resulting in comprehensive network automation and orchestration.

“Intent-based network automation is crucial to managing rapidly changing large-scale enterprise networks, which in turn becomes the engine for necessary digital transformation, said Pavel Bykov, CEO at IP Fabric. Partnering with a vendor like Itential that delivers fulfillment of the network intent complements our ability to continuously validate network operations, allowing us to deliver comprehensive solutions to enterprises and significantly accelerate their progress on the road to a self-driving network.”

The collaborative approach allows enterprises to optimize network automation with confidence for laying an organized and systematic self-driving network structure.