ITradeNetworks Next Generation Transportation Solution to Enhance Supply Chain Operations
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ITradeNetworks Next Generation Transportation Solution to Enhance Supply Chain Operations

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 24, 2022

Freight, iTradeNetwork's next-generation logistics solution, will provide real-time insight and optimization to help customers make the best logistics decisions possible

Fremont, CA: Consumer food purchasing patterns were drastically impacted as a result of the pandemic, with e-commerce sales and omni-channel experiences skyrocketing. When it comes to moving food across the supply chain, this demand shock, combined with labor and equipment shocks in the logistics sector, has put fresh suppliers, purchasers, and carriers under unprecedented capacity and rate constraints. This has resulted in bare shelves and limited choices for consumers. Building smarter supply chains and solutions that assist businesses to make wiser decisions, such as iTradeNetworks' new supply chain solution, is the first step in meeting demand and keeping consumer loyalty. The next-generation logistics solution, Freight from iTradeNetwork, is a streamlined approach to overcome the current landscape's turmoil, increase delivery performance, and maximize profitability on every order going through the supply chain.

Freight is designed to assist growers, shippers, and buyers in making the best margin-saving decisions possible in a chaotic environment by providing complete route planning, cost visibility, load building, and load optimization prior to sending a purchase order, allowing logistics to be considered as part of the overall purchasing decision. Its intuitive design enables a streamlined experience that makes decision-making easier, faster, and more intelligent.

"Our Freight solution moves it in that direction. Built on our industry-leading procurement platform, it simplifies combining purchase orders into loads, recommends optimal loads, and helps procurement and freight planners make the best decisions possible to secure the maximum margin on every purchase order," states Nathan Romney, chief product officer for iTradeNetwork.