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It's About Time Small Businesses Embrace Big Data

By CIOReview | Monday, February 12, 2018

About a decade ago, marketing tools such as targeted mail, search engine optimization or newsletters were the only probable choices for a small businesses to design their next big campaign. With the emergence of social media, creating and maintaining online brand presence became more prominent.

Businesses have always tried to keep up with the proliferating technology. In the present age of digitalization, where onsumer centricity has assumed a center stage,  marketing strategies have become is all about engaging the right customers with the right message at the right time. With customers’ digital footprint now accessible through myriad touchpoints, data-driven strategization has become the name of the game.

With easy to implement and budget-friendly BI tools available for business of all sizes, small-scale enterprises are increasingly beginning to captilize on the agility of these tools, not just to abridge complexity of operations but at the same time completely transform their customer experience. As these companies continue embracing big data, especially condering the influence of IoT, to strategize their business strategies, they will find themselves at a better position to chart their roadmap.

A recent SAP-sponsored survey mentions, “Decision makers in small-sized organizations are only at the early stages of digitally transforming their companies to make the most of their data.” While startups and small enterprises have always bore a history of disrupting the traditional technologies, industry experts are confident that small businesses, with the power of big data, would soon take charge of where the market is headed. As technology morderizes further and more data generated periodically, being able to access, study, and respond to big data in real-time will be the standard of success for small business houses.