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It's Time to Revamp Healthcare with Big data

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 21, 2018

Since its advent, big data is creating new dimensions in various sectors of the industry. Technologists in every industry are coming up with innovative ideas and opportunities to raise the standard of living. One such innovative breakthrough is implementing big data in predictive modeling of healthcare costs. By employing predictive modeling in healthcare, technologists can not only maintain effective operative costs but can also improve the treatment methods.

For instance, if a patient is suffering from chronic disease and needs treatment, specialists will first analyze the patient's data. Later they will find similar patients that match with the patient’s data from disparate data sources. The matches are usually determined by specific characteristics, like gender, age, race, medical history, allergies, and medications. By identifying similar patients and their treatment methods, physicians will provide a list of treatment options that would be best for the patient. Using these methods patients would be able to get accurate treatment and efficient operating costs.

Furthermore, technologists are coming up with predictive tools in healthcare for faster detection. For example, Sepsis Sniffer Algorithm (SSA) is a predictive tool that can effectively detect high-risk situations of sepsis within half of the time with greater accuracy promoting faster treatment. So, by deploying big data in healthcare, patients can avail the desired treatment with effective maintaining costs and secured environment.

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