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J. Kings Utilizes ProcessPro ERP to Maximize Business Growth

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 9, 2016
Molly Caron, Executive Vice President of Operations, processpro

Molly Caron, Executive Vice President of Operations, processpro

FREMONT, CA: ProcessPro recently disclosed that its ERP platform has been considered by J. Kings Food Service Professionals for enhancing their offerings through Kitchen Cuts, division powered by ProcessPro ERP. Way back in 2012, J. Kings chose ProcessPro Premier for managing the organization’s manufacturing and business operations and functions. ProcessPro Premier led them to experience higher  traceability, real-time inventory, and improved quality control.

J. Kings has started utilizing Premier from ProcessPro in three different segments that includes three unique ERP set-up applications. These ProcessPro segments are able to address several setting and manufacturing process differences between divisions. Users will be able to adapt the ideologies of their manufacturing process through  the software. J. Kings is extending their usage of the ProcessPro Premier system to grow their business and capitalize their market.

“This division has been our most successful and accurate to date. The software has shown us many opportunities for improvement, and we have begun to capitalize on them,” states Eric Ringel, Special Projects/Operations Manager, J. Kings.

The mid-market enterprise resource planning of ProcessPro has been acclaimed by global market. Its ERP software suites efficiently manage critical business functions while linking all information of the organization through integrated “business intelligence” functionality. It provides enterprises’ real-time visibility towards their all business information that helps entrepreneurs to efficiently run their business growth and maximize revenue. Further, the Batch production process organizes and tracks enterprises’ manufacturing, planning, quality assurance, FDA compliance, finance, sales, and more.

“We’re pleased to be J. Kings’ ERP partner throughout their growth, as our goal is to make our clients’ businesses better. If they’ve succeeded, then we’ve succeeded. We look forward to many years of partnership and progress together,” says Molly Caron, Executive VP of Operations, ProcessPro.