Jabil Circuit Deploys Aspera High-speed Transfer on IBM Cloud to Speed Global Collaboration

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FREMONT, CA: A recent announcement by IBM stated that Jabil Circuit, an electrical and electronic manufacturing conglomerate, have employed high-speed file transfer protocols from Aspera, an IBM company. Aspera runs on IBM Cloud and will enable its global end-users to send and receive high-value design and engineering files swiftly and consistently.

Jabil oversees consumer supply chain management from product development till design engineering through till final manufacturing. With a burgeoning business growth, Jabil experienced a need to accommodate faster exchanges of large design files including circuit diagrams and CAD models with worldwide peers, consumers, and partners with an aim of bringing innovative products to the market faster and safer.

Jabil has chosen Aspera faspex On Demand in a bid to abridge cooperation between partners, team members and consumers who are otherwise divided by geographical barriers. By using Aspera, Jabil will be able to transfer unlimited file sizes of any quantity including entire directory structures with consistent delivery times and precise completion estimates. In order to test its functionalities, a particularly difficult production transfer was initiated by Jabil, wherein data sizing 124 GB of over 3,400 files from various sub folders was to be sent via a secure transmission over public internet facilities. It managed to do so using Aspera in under 5 hours.

Jabil utilizes the one-step Direct-to-Cloud technology to fasten the transfer speeds of design files to and from IBM's Object Storage offering by using faspex On Demand. Users can seamlessly exchange files at superior speeds by leveraging platform specific functionalities and by using Aspera’s patented FASP technology with resident integration into Object Storage APIs.

The solution replaces Jabil’s previously outdated legacy MFT solution that was not cost-effective, and was slow and ineffective for the data sizes and volumes required. Moreover, previously bigger file sizes had to be split up and compressed by the sender before sending as the legacy solution limited transfer file sizes. This resulted in a complicated and time consuming tedious procedure, for end-to-end file transfer processes.

"As a company dedicated to providing better, faster and cost-effective services to our consumers, we needed a new solution more aligned with our service objectives," said Dan Eng, Director, Jabil. "We found the answer in Aspera. The solution's speed, security and ease of use enable us to provide quality service to our valued customers."

"The advantage of running faspex deployed on the IBM Cloud is the unrestrained scalability and flexibility allowed by the integrated solutions, so Jabil can streamline their file exchange processes and enable global accessibility for effective collaboration on projects," said Michelle Munson, CEO, Aspera.