Jahia and Translations.com Set Out on a Strategic Partnership

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Elie Auvray, CEO and Co-Founder, Jahia Solutions

Elie Auvray, CEO and Co-Founder, Jahia Solutions

FREMONT,CA : A provider of Digital Experience Management solutions for Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Information Officers– Jahia Solutions Group announced a strategic worldwide partnership and integration with Translations.com–A privately held provider of language services and translation associated technologies. Jahia now provides human translation services to global brands forging personalized, 1:1 digital encounters for their worldwide clientele after tagging with Translations.com. Along with this project, the coalition enhances time-to-market and potency of new global campaigns for CMOs looking to boost customer engagement, loyalty, revenue and acquisition.

Translations.com's GlobalLink technology incorporates instantly with Jahia's DX7 platform which in turn provides seamless translation services to accelerate delivery of globalized assets to distinct brand experiences throughout email, mobile, social, and web channels. In addition to that, the integration thrusts client acquisition campaigns, loyalty programs, and employee and customer community participation. GlobalLink streamlines and automates a lot of the tasks dealing with translation processes, appropriating businesses to localize content with minimum effort and drastically reduced internal costs.

"The capability to propose local-language web content within international markets is essential for any globally heeded organization," said Matt Hauser, Vice President of Content Solutions at Translations.com. "This integration will accord Jahia users to communicate with clients globally while reducing project management burdens and minimizing overall translation costs."

 "Nowadays CMOs have a primal challenge–How do they provide personalized digital experiences for distinct customers at every point of their lifecycle through employing, localized content for each country and realm around the world? I'm thrilled to form an alliance with Translations.com to assure that Jahia clients, partners and prospects can provide digital campaigns quicker, enhance campaign effectiveness and thrust higher rates of customer engagement and acquisition across international markets," explained Kevin Cochrane, CMO of Jahia and current user of the integration.

“We will be enhancing Jahia’s presence and capabilities by deepening our relationships with our vendor partners and participating in several industry events,” said Elie Auvray, CEO and Co-Founder, Jahia Solutions.

Jahia Digital Experience Manager Users can send total content on a page over for translation with a single click and track the progression of the request in real-time. Translated content is returned to DX directly in the author interface. The combined solution renders a bolstered, agile system to source and manage multi-lingual content.