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Jahia Collaborates with Iubenda for Online Data Privacy Compliance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC: Jahia Solutions Group, a leading global Digital Experience Solution provider for CIOs and CMOs has announced worldwide strategic partnership with notable online privacy and cookie compliance solutions provider Iubenda. Jahia now provides seamless compliance services for online data privacy regulations forging trusted 1:1 relationship with global brands and enterprise customers after partnering with Iubenda. Jahia's customers will benefit from Iubenda directly within Jahia's flagship platform, Digital Experience Manager, allowing customers to manage privacy policies for each client. “We are committed to making our customers digitally agile, and we're looking forward to provide a centralized, easy to use solution for accelerating online initiative launches that often delayed by compliance and regulations,” said Elie Auvray, CEO, Jahia.

In the present context, where enforcing privacy and cookie policies are mandatory, Iubenda offers a simple way to generate data privacy and cookie policy or to comply with the European Union’s cookie law, with a range of solutions that make online compliance effortless. The alliance between two leaders is expected to allow enterprises to comply with centralized regulations across multiple countries, legislations and languages.

Digital enterprises today need to be agile, adaptable, proactive and customer-centric to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and technology disruptors. Enterprises orchestrate all their functions and applications, including multiple customer touch-points, to deliver a quality digital experience to users on every level. In doing so, Jahia helps them with its Digital Experience Management platform that ensures personalized customer relationship management, superior internal workforce engagement, and effectiveness of data-driven marketing tactics. Cookies play a major role here by acting as a web tracking tool for generating 'behavioral profiles' of people. These profiles ultimately help companies to decide what content or adverts to reflect on people’s browser result.

"Today, every website and app needs a privacy policy and often a cookie policy and a cookie consent solution," said Andrea Giannangelo, CEO, Iubenda. “With our online service, backed by a strong international legal team, businesses can create and maintain these legal documents with ease across multiple legislations and languages in order to automate legal compliance for making it more effective and unobtrusive to marketing processes and meaningful to the end user,” adds Giannangelo.