Jankel to Deliver EV Technologies and Capabilities to the US Military Market Jointly with WAE
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Jankel to Deliver EV Technologies and Capabilities to the US Military Market Jointly with WAE

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Jankel and Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) have formed a partnership to offer electric vehicle technologies and capabilities to the US defense industry.

FREMONT, CA: By driving an EV, users reduce dangerous air pollution caused by exhaust emissions. While an EV emits no exhaust, it does emit some greenhouse gases when it is charged via the energy grid. Jankel, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance defense, security, and non-governmental organization (NGO) protection systems, has partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), a spin-off of the UK Formula 1 Williams Racing Team, to provide services and technologies to prime contractors in the US defense market. Jankel and Williams Advanced Engineering will collaborate on cooperative initiatives to electrify existing and new military vehicle fleets across the US Department of Defense.

Speaking about the collaboration, Andrew Jankel, Chairman of the Jankel Group, states, “Jankel is historically known around the world for providing outstanding vehicle survivability conversions and complex systems integrations.  However, in line with our new company strategy we are also expanding our expertise to incorporate advanced technologies including remote autonomous systems, cyber security and platform electrification.” He adds, “We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering to capitalize on some world leading technologies and bring the very best to the US military by delivering potential EV solutions across its whole range of vehicles both old and new driving mission success.”

The alliance will leverage complementary technology and skills to accelerate military hybrid and electrification projects of all sizes, from small tactical vehicles to large battle tanks. Both companies' experience, innovation, and engineering expertise will be combined to leverage the integration, problem-solving, and tailored approach required to solve the military problem set, which is critical for addressing the 21st century's military engineering challenges - mobility, sustainability, and efficiency.

Craig Wilson, CEO, Williams Advanced Engineering, adds, “This partnership is well placed to support the integration and delivery of EV solutions and we look forward to working with the team at Jankel, combining our individual areas of expertise to deliver innovative and advanced solutions for the US defense market.”