Jargon Launches Demo Version of Indigo Ultra to Outline its Functionalities

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 15, 2015

BURBANK, CA: Jargon Technologies introduces a demo version for Indigo Ultra- a comprehensive authoring platform that enables production of Blu-ray and Ultra Blu-ray titles. Based on the Panasonic authoring technology, it is designed for professional authoring studios to create cutting master files for replication of retail discs.

Indigo Ultra features high resolution to produce enhanced visual experience; ultra colorful graphics and subtitles with 10-bit color space and high capacity supported by DTR, LTR and HTR zone types. It offers a new User Interface focusing on streamlined workflows for rapid turnarounds and dual zone layouts to support high bitrate video and audio using high transfer rate capabilities of Ultra HD Blu ray. Other features include dual stream playlists that save disc space; tool integration to preserve workflows by importing digital content and compatibility with AVC video, Dolby AC3, DD+, True-HD, DTS HD and object based audio.

The demo version will allow users to test Indigo Ultra without purchasing the complete version. The demo version will provide all the functionalities of the full version including workflows like create and edit tracks in the timeline, import tracks to the disc hierarchy adding navigation commands to control disc flow and set final disc options.

"This version will not only give our prospective clients an overview of the workflow and user experience of Indigo Ultra but will also introduce them to the nuances of Ultra HD Blu-ray  specification," says Bhanu Srikanth, CEO, Jargon Technologies.