Jason Green Forsees Great Growth for Industry-Specific Clouds

By CIOReview | Friday, March 28, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Industry-specific cloud services are a great bet, believes Jason Green, co-founder of Emergence Capital, venture capital investor for enterprises. Nancy Gohring writes in IT World “if he's right and more successful, targeted cloud apps emerge, it will be good news for businesses that can benefit from the services.”  

According to Green, SaaS apps designed for specific industries are capable of penetrating the industry and solving many existing concerns. He also adds that unlike conventional business practices, today niche marketing can provide considerable returns to enterprises.

“The reason being the ability to dig into the industry and sell to more than half the market, maybe even as much as 80 percent”, Green suggests. It is a strategic approach that enables growth too because sales and marketing operations are kept efficient since they focus on just one industry vertical. 

Earlier software vendors couldn’t concentrate on specific services as it was quite expensive. But today all this is facilitated by the cloud. "You couldn't justify that deep of an investment given the enterprise software model. With cloud, you can build the cloud once and leverage it across all these different customers," he said.

Green’s Emergence Capital invested in firms like Salesforce, Veeva Systems, Yammer and Success factor.