Jawbone Releases UP3, a Multi-sensor Activity Tracker for Health and Fitness

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Jawbone releases UP3, a wearable technology gadget, essentially a multi-sensor activity tracker that provides in-depth information about the user health and fitness. With this release the company believes the world has received the smallest and the most powerful activity tracker for health and fitness.

UP3 comes as a slim and stylish wristband with a low-profile design that complements a wrist watch or jewelry. The device has a battery life that can serve up to almost an entire week. It can remain water resistant up to 10 meters. An overlapping watch-style clasp ensures the wearable fitness device can be maneuvered to fit any wrist size.

On the technology front, the device is powered mainly by two aspects: Multi-sensor platform and Smart Coach. Multi-sensor platform delivers resting heart rate which is a key indicator of the overall heart health. This is achieved through the platform’s tri-axis accelerometer, bioimpedence sensors, and skin and ambient temperature sensors.

Smart Coach is an intelligent system that tracks the health progress and gives personalized guidance to complete the objective. Smart Coach delivers using the data about the user’s sleep, activity, meals, and other biometric signals.

Benefits of UP3 are:

It provides in-depth information on improving sleep. The device’s ability to track sleep stages such as REM, Light and Deep sleep gathers the information about sleeping pattern.

It can identify different activities such as workouts, running, cross-training, tennis and more. The latest algorithm by Jawbone makes this possible.

With UP app, the difference between resting heart rate and the heart rate post any activity such as exercise or drinking coffee can be measured.