JBKnowledge Launches New Online Network to Share Qualification Data for Construction Projects
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JBKnowledge Launches New Online Network to Share Qualification Data for Construction Projects

By CIOReview | Monday, April 27, 2015

BRYAN, TX:  Storing of outdated and unconsolidated contractor data is a major concern for the construction industry.  To address this issue, JBKnowledge, makers of the SmartBidNet, SmartReality and SmartCompliance cloud, mobile and wearable solutions for construction, have launched a new online network, called SmartInsight to help all builders maintain, share and request qualification data for construction projects.

“SmartInsight started as a redesign of the public registry of subcontractors available in our SmartBidNet bid software, but it has evolved to be much more. We decided to take the SmartInsight Contractor Registry a step further by integrating verification tools run by Dun & Bradstreet, a source of data on commercial businesses”, JBKnowledge President, James Benham.

General and prime contractor users of SmartBidNet can tap into the full SmartInsight Contractor Registry for inviting verified subcontractors to prequalify and bid on projects.  Apart from Contractor Registry access, SmartBidNet users also have integrated access to SmartInsight’s Public Agency Database - with over 500,000 subcontractor and supplier company records from over 75 public agency databases that are updated in the SmartBidNet system monthly.

To join the SmartInsight network and make their company information available to thousands of general and prime contractors managing bid projects in SmartBidNet, subcontractors and suppliers can claim a free profile. After building out their basic and advanced profile, subcontractors can also generate, export and share a completed ConsensusDocs 721, based on their profile information, with one click, all at no charge.

SmartInsight’s next phase  will feature an inbox for receiving and replying to project prequalification and bid requests; advanced search capabilities for finding contractors and suppliers by location, trade code, project history and more; a public profile that can be customized and distributed by URL to potential partners; and integration with global risk scoring solutions.

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