jClarity Reveals Illuminate, a Java/JVM Tool

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FREMONT, CA: jClarity announces Gold Release of Illuminate, a Software –as –a-Service for Java/JVM (Java Virtual Machine) based Applications.

Illuminate is a performance diagnostic engine which uses Machine Learning to discover and diagnose a performance related issue. Illuminate examines the complex interactions between hardware, O/S and the JVM to detect the root cause of a performance problem in the application, reports John K. waters for ADT MAG.

The service can detect underlying O/S issues, High Disk Activity, Memory issues / Garbage Collection, Deadlocks and threading issues. Illuminate’s algorithm works on hosts from small virtualized environments.

Illuminate allows developers, operations staff and testers to set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on transactions. On breach of any of these agreements Illuminate automatically triggers a diagnosis and delivers a recommended resolution.

"It's definitely not an if/then/else type of decision tree and we want to see real analysis and recommendations done in an automated, massively scalable fashion. This release of Illuminate is an important step in that direction for the industry." says Martijn Verburg, CEO, jClarity.