JDA Store Operations Enhanced Feature Provides Agility in Decision Making

By CIOReview | Monday, June 29, 2015

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: JDA-a software provider for retail and supply chain planning and execution has announced the addition of new features to its JDA Store Operations solutions which will enable store managers to access all critical information of customer in a single mobile device giving agility to decision making.

JDA Store Operations helps organizations to execute corporate strategies at store level to make profit and enhance customer experience. It manages scheduling, inventory, cash flow and labor investment as well as provides secure transactions and adherence to compliance standards. The new feature will empower store managers to assess specific qualification of employee and assign them the task accordingly while maintaining internal workflow policies and local labor regulations.

The development has been done to illuminate daily challenges of information integration and retail management. Considering that store managers stay out of desk to travel for marketing, JDA Store Operations will now deliver the accumulated information about the happenings in store through a single dashboard. Through their tabs and network access District Managers can view operations and analyze the requirements of multiple stores.

A threshold alert is triggered in JDA Store Operations to generate task assignments to enable retail function, integration and automation of actions as condition changes in very cost effective way. It will assist task distribution, communication and follow ups through filtering assigned tasks by date. This will enable managers to analyze task compliance and prioritize promotional events. It will convert hassled individual contracts into automatic scheduling there by making it a one step process for managers.