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Jemena Unveils First Electric-Powered Cherry Picker Truck to Lower Carbon Emissions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Jemena's all-electric cherry picker is the first step in greening its fleet. It will also benefit the company's customers with the seamless operation and zero exhaust emissions.

FREMONT, CA: Leading energy infrastructure company, Jemena unveils the first electric-powered cherry picker truck as part of its effort to lower carbon emissions across the Jemena Electricity Network in Melbournes North-West. The electric cherry picker, Elevated Work Platform truck, will reduce Jemenas carbon output by 30 tonnes per year. This is in addition to other energy-efficient initiatives already released within the network, including the installation of 500 LED smart street lights that use up to 75 percent less energy than conventional lighting.

The electric cherry picker truck was made possible in partnership with the Australian automotive technology company SEA Electric. SEA Electric is a Melbourne-based manufacturer of electric vehicles and frontiers in transforming commercial vehicles from diesel to electric. The cherry picker is converted into an electric vehicle as part of a significant reconstruction over a 12-month period.

SEA Electric team is excited to see the industry-first vehicle join the Jemenas Victorian fleet. It has been a historical milestone for the management and engineering staff at SEA Electric to partner with Jemena in the development of the 100 percent electric Elevated Work Platform service truck. This all-electric vehicle is expected to reduce Jemenas carbon output by 30 tonnes per annum.

This electric-powered cherry picker is the first step in greening Jemena's fleet, and it will also benefit the company's customers with quieter operation and zero exhaust emissions. The company will look for innovative ways to further reduce carbon emissions across its electricity network in the future.

SEA Electric converted the Hino truck into a 100 percent electric vehicle equipped with a 138kWh battery pack that offers around 200km of range. The elevated work platform is driven by the truck's battery, which will be powered at the end of each day and takes around six hours. The electric cherry picker began operating within the Jemena Electricity Network this week.

Jemena is a company that owns and manages some of Australia's most significant gas and electricity assets.  Jemena also part-owns the EvoEnergy electricity and gas distribution networks in the ACT and United Energy, which provides electricity to more than 600,000 customers across south-eastern Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.